Friday, January 23, 2009

Waiting for this rain to stop

Normally, I love the rain. But when the training is going good and the season is nearing it feels horrible to miss training days. Just ride in the rain you might say? Well, here's what many people know about me already, but I am super weird about putting my bike into weather. I don’t mind riding in the cold and wet, in fact racing in the rain is fun. But I am a freak with keeping my bike clean, even though the new one is due any day now. During the season it’s even worse. I train on it all week but I NEVER went to one single race without my bike sparkling clean. It’s a little obsessive, but oh well. Could you imagine? What if a piece of dirt was in my chain and dropped my max wattage down 5 watts, and I lose the race to some dirty-bike riding, scabies infested dirtbag?!? Imagine the gnashing of teeth and pulling of pubics!
Ok, so I had some pics here I took on a couple of rides up to Baldy and GMR before Christmas. The mountains were covered in snow and it was flippin’ freezing. It wasn’t so bad going through La Verne getting to the climb, but once the altitude rose my hands were completely numb. Riding in Oregon in the snow was more pleasant than this one. Later I found out it was 12 degrees up there. Stupid. Well, good thing is I began hitting ice patches and had to head back down. I mean, I’m an adventurous guy but descending over black ice is something I will leave for the 12k dreamers. The last time I went to Baldy a Steller ’s Jay was eating seeds next to the fountain. People think these are Blue Jays but Steller’s is actually the proper name, due to their distinct black Mohawk. Think of them like a blue colored Cardinal.
Of note: This is my sister’s kitty. He is apparently reading the news while she does homework. He is a moody little fooker though.


Sam Simmons said...

I like the rambling to postpone any rainy day riding blues.

Dave Jacobson said...

Sam, you know we are teammates this year don't you?